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We are fundraising to keep our Evening Drop-in and Study Center open so teens like David can access vital resources to stay in school and graduate.

David (name changed for purposes of confidentiality) has been coming to the

Drop-in Center for two years to have a safe place to go after school and

for help with his school work. He is gentle, kind, and delights in even

the smallest things. A couple of months ago, one of our Board Members,

Jerry Leonard, brought a brand new watch to the Center and said to give

it to one of our students. With plans to celebrate David's birthday,

Barbara Whipple, Program Manager, wrapped up the watch for David. He was

so excited when he opened his present and then he told Barbara, "I have

never had a watch before. I don't know how to tell time." Board Member

Vivian Isaacs who was volunteering that day gave him some instruction

after the party which included a short lesson on Roman numerals. On the

drive home Barbara asked David if he felt comfortable with the watch and

he said " Yea, I think I got this. Cool!." He asked if they could work

more on telling time next week. These kinds of interactions are common

at the Drop-in Center as our model of providing care is based on a

theory of Positive Youth Development and exemplifies the vision of High

Mountain Youth Project that our communities will be places of love and

caring where all youth are protected, empowered, loved, respected, and treated with dignity.

Your donation will enable us to continue operating the Evening Drop-in and Study Center for teens like David as we move toward adding a 24 Hour Youth Crisis Shelter with overnight care.